2023 .


1. Daria Bura Battle for Kharkiv.-Kharkiv: Folio, 2022.-479 p. 

       7th April 2014, 8 p.m. In downtown Kharkiv, during the pr‑o-Russian rally held near the Regional State Administration, separatists expressed their distrust in the Kharkiv Regional Council and declared the creation of a sovereign state called Kharkiv Peoples Republic. All the events that took place in Donetsk since March 2014 could have happened in Kharkiv as well. However, Kharkiv appeared to be the city that was the first to resist and fight back pro-Russian terrorists. Kharkiv is a very unique city. We dont care much about what is happening around us. But we do care about what is happening in our city, Kharkiv residents say. The Battle of Kharkiv contains interviews with Kharkiv residents, including activists, members of parliament and officials, entrepreneurs, artists, and other people who took to the streets of Kharkiv in November 2013 to fight for their native city and stayed brave till the end. This book also contains memoirs of the Security Service of Ukraine and Counterintelligence operatives who were working on the Russian trace in the separatist events in the city and investigated 20142015 terrorist attacks.



2. Daria Bura Heroic city of Chernihiv.-Kharkiv: Folio, 2022.-221 p.

         It takes only two hours to drive from Chernihiv to Kyiv, and an hour  to the border with the Russian Federation, so the defense of the city in the full-scale war of 2022 was of strategic importance for the protection of the capital. "If we hadnt held Chernihiv, we could have lost Kyiv", the military explained. For 38 days, the city was subjected to artillery shelling and airstrikes; it was practically blockaded, without communication and connection. Its outskirts are broken down to bricks. But it was here that Russian tanks were "driving in reverse" and burning with "Molotov cocktails". Chernihiv became a city of heroes; and its defense, like that of the entire Region, was based on four components. Even on five the Desna River also helped out. This book is about those who held the city and won it from the Russian occupiers.



3. Chronicle of the War. 2014-2022. First six months of full-scale aggression (24.02.202224.08.2022).- Kharkiv: Folio, 2022.-478 p.

         The documentary chronicle of Russias full-scale invasion into Ukraine reminds the reader of the tragic and heroic events of the first six months of the hot phase of the war, from February 24 to August 24, 2022. The enemy planned flash war, killing civilians and destroying cities, but Ukrainians heroically resisted. The Kremlin failed to implement the plan of rapid capture of Ukraine and change of power in the country. The main obstacle for the invaders was the unity of Ukrainians and the resilience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with other defense forces of Ukraine, and the price of resistance was thousands of civilian casualties, ruined lives of millions of Ukrainians due to the loss of loved ones, homes, former lives. The war has created new economic risks. The world is threatened by fuel and food crises. Our incredible resistance to the aggressor has opened the eyes of the West, the EU, and NATO to what Russia and its second army of the world really are. The level of solidarity of Europeans with Ukrainians is unprecedented. Ukrainians are defending the peace of Europe with arms in their hands. The book chronologically arranged publications of daily news, and reports from official sources.





4. Yevheniia Podobna: Heroic cities of Bucha, Irprn, Hostomel.-Kharkiv: Folio, 2023.-220 p.

         There shouldnt be this book at all. Because there shouldnt have been this war at all. But on February 24, Ukraine woke up at dawn from the sounds of explosions, and a convoy of Russian military vehicles crashed our past life with their grousers. The war has become our new reality, and air alarms become our everyday life. Bucha and Irpin have ceased to be associated with forests, sanatoriums and childrens summer camps, with a hasteless life of the outskirts of the capital. Now, the very names of these cities are nailing with pain all those who have never even been there. But along with evil and pain, throughout the days of the war, in these frozen, frightened and bloodied cities, unprecedented heroism lived: soldiers, medical staff, rescuers, Territorial Defense fighters, citizens, everyone who helped, protected, rescued, and evacuated. Occupation and fighting for Hostomel, Bucha and Irpin lasted about a month. But to describe everything that happened during this month, it will take decades, volumes and the work of many people. This is only the first line in the story of the Great Tragedy and the Great Heroism of three Ukrainian cities. Under this cover, there is only a small part of the stories that must be told, which should be known and remembered not only by Bucha,Irpin and Hostomel residents, but everyone has to know them.



5. Yevhen Shyshatskyi. Journey to the Beyond. Mariupol.- Kharkiv: Folio, 2023.-221 p.

        Yevhen Shyshatskyi is an editor and journalist. He was born and raised in Mariupol. Now he lives and works in Kyiv since 2014. On February 24, 2022, Yevhens world turned upside down, as it did in case of every Ukrainian. In Mariupol, his mother and friends, with whom he lost any contact, were living under intense shelling. Yevhen decides to go to the occupied eastern part of Ukraine to help evacuate people. Journey to the Beyond. Mariupol is the confession of a volunteer driver who managed to escape from the Russia-occupied outskirts of Mariupol and to return to the Ukraine-controlled territory. The author describes a real journey to the frozen-time land, as he talks about people whose life choices and fate brought them exactly to that place; as well as about his own choiceso not-thought-through, yet conscious. It is a journey in search of his own folks. Also, in search of his own self. With a fatalistic willingness to get new experiences. It is a no-frills-story about people living in wartime, whose destinies affect a pattern of life they share in common. Yevhen Shyshatskyi shaped his writings in a thoughtful and deeply meaningful way. He inserts his young age memories about living his life in the peaceful Mariupol. The book is filled with writers reflections on the events in Ukraine back in 2014, which affected his feeling of ownership of his Native Land. Even at the time when the asphalt under his feet is all pierced with holes.